Texas Light Cavalry
Comes the Dragon
RF Johnson

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     Welcome to the Official Home Site of the Texas Light Cavalry and the Brad Hood Novels. We are proud to offer the first in the series of four action novels that will provide you with an alternate future in which the United States and the State of Texas will have its survival challenged. RF Johnson's fast paced account of the invasion and the struggles of the Texas Light Cavalry and Colonel Brad Hood in fighting the ruthless Chinese thrust into south Texas. Comes the Dragon provides the reader with an alternate future where the United States is unprepared for the first of several Chinese overt moves to nuetralize their only remaining world competitor. 
    I tried to hold an impartial position in U.S. politics while building the Chinese capability within known trade and geographic scenarios. The development of the Texas Light Cavalry and fielding by the State of Texas is a result of the failure of the United States to adequately prepare for and counter increasing Drug Cartel activity along the Texas border. Texas deploys the Light Cavalry coincidental with the Chinese invasion out of Mexico on January 1, 2015. The battle is joined and Brad Hood and the Texas Light Cavalry meet them head on. 

Comes the Dragon is available on Amazon.com in paper back and Kindle versions.

Look for the further adventures of Brad Hood and the Texas Light Cavalry when the second installment of the four book series is released Fall 2011.

RF Johnson 

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